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Ram Ecodiesel Fuel Filter Replacement Kit w/ Wrench - 68235275AA ... Fuel filter replacement kit for the Ram 1500 Ecodiesel.

Truck Fuel Filter Wrench - Unscrew both fuel lines from the fuel filter with a 14-mm wrench. Hold the fuel filter with one hand, and turn the hex head on the fuel line with the 14-mm wrench counterclockwise to loosen and remove the fuel. Truck oil filter wrench Wrenches are designed for high torque requirements of truck filters and used with 0.5-in square drive tools They have 1.5-in wide bands for added strength and increased grip area. Ships Today! We carry Davco Mfg 482017 Davco Filter Wrench 482 482 PFX Sweeper Black Handle 8in at RyderFleetProducts. Large inventory of aftermarket parts from Davco Mfg at low prices. Free Shipping available..

• A129 Cummins® Diesel Fuel Filter Socket – Use for removing and installing fuel filter housings found on 2002 and later Dodge® Ram® trucks with the 24-valve Cummins® diesel engine • A106 Low Profile Oil Filter. Fits large diameter tractor and truck filters from 4-3/4-in. to 5-1/8-in. (120.7 mm to 130.2 mm) Tool features a swivel handle which allows user to get to filters in hard-to-reach areas.. Nov 22, 2015  · DD15 Fuel Filters Discussion in 'Freightliner Forum' started by Shadetree Trkr, Sep 8, 2015. Sep 8 Had an issue with a T/A improperly replacing the water separator filter when I first got the truck. Since then, I only change them at the dealership. You'll need a 36mm socket and torque wrench..

12V–24V Truck Circuit Tester Product Features: • Plugged filters • Weak fuel pumps • Transmission pressure spikes “Delta Zero” monitors fuel pressure OIL FILTER WRENCHES HEAVY DUTY TOOLS & EQUIPMENT 7248 C-Frame Press • The C-Frame used in conjunction with OTC. If your car has fuel injection (most do these days) find two open end wrenches* that are the right size for the fuel filter fittings. They will be two different sizes in most cases. With the wrenches in place, put a rag over the fitting to separate your head from the fuel lines.. Sinister Diesel Fuel Filter Cap For Ford 6.0l Filters Car Truck Parts Ebay. Air Filter - $123.07. Air Filter Mopar 53032527ab. Wd Express - $135.89. Heavy Duty Large Dual Drive Oil Fuel Filter Remover Wrench Removal Tool. Engine Oil - $148.85. Engine Oil Filter Wrench Set - 7-piece Set Assenmacher Tools +warranty..

The Hino Trucks Genuine Oil filter has nearly a 100% efficiency rating at 30 microns, while maintaining the lowest pressure differential on the market (to allow proper oil flow to the engine). Lower efficiency or higher pressure differential will lead to engine damage.. Nov 29, 2008  · NAPA, CRAFTSMAN fuel filter wrench I seem to remember a thread from a few years back about a specialty tool. I used a strap wrench. The Fuel Pro 482 is customized specifically for the Detroit Diesel DD13, DD15 and DD16 Engines. With an integrated bracket, bypass valve, and integrated bracket, it provides extended filter life and is available with a number of heating options..

How to Replace Fuel Filter The fuel filter on the Ford Super Duty is designed to keep clean fuel rotating through the engine. It is very important to replace. K&N automotive oil filters for the International Heavy Duty Truck offer high oil flow rates while providing outstanding filtration. K&N automotive oil filters are designed to work with all grades of synthetic, conventional and blended motor oils..

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